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COVID-19 Temporary Guidance

COVID-19 Temporary Guidance


  • If teachers/case managers did not attend one of the COVID-19 NYSED Temporary Guidance webinars they cannot provide distance education to students under WIOA/ALE/EPE funding. 



In an effort to minimize the impact on EPE reimbursable contact hours please consider the following for the approved NYSED GRASP (NRS Levels 4, 5, 6), SMART (NRS Levels 2, 3, 4), or Crossroad’s Café (ESL NRS Levels 3, 4, 5, 6) programs. We have also devised a stop-gate training measure to assist teachers in using one or more of the currently approved NYSED Distance Education programs.

For those teachers/programs that are already approved by NYSED to provide one or all three of the NYSED Distance Learning programs, continue providing these services under the current design. Programs can temporarily increase the number of teachers eligible to provide these 3 programs in the following way:

  • Stop gate training is being made available to train existing teachers that have not provided NYSED Distance Education in the past
  • No students will be pre or post tested during this time as assessments must still be administered in person so the requirement for pre and post testing is waived until April 12, 2020 beginning today.
  • Any teacher who will be involved with this process must attend a virtual modified training. This is a temporary measure and will not be counted as NYSED certification training or RAEN PD hours, however it will enable teachers to provide EPE eligible distance education for the period of time being impacted by school and BOCES closures.
  • If programs intend to use the Crossroad’s Café program for their ESL students, they MUST purchase workbooks for their students directly from KET. The publisher has indicated they will fill orders rapidly but orders must be sent as quickly as possible.

Note: this training session does not signal that the teacher is certified for NYSED Distance Education, these teachers will need to attend traditional RAEN training for these NYSED programs once this temporary situation has passed. Also, teachers will not receive RAEN PD hours for this training; this is a very specialized training aimed at preserving EPE contact hour generation as best as possible given the current circumstances. Guidance.pdf PPT COVID Contingency Planning EPE Funding March 2020.pdf

Crossroads Café Forms





SUBJECT: COVID-19 Guidance (March 20, 2020)

FROM: Robert Purga, Director, ACCES Adult Education Programs

TO: All NYSED funded adult education programs WIOA, ALE and EPE

The WIOA/ALE informational webinar provides revised guidelines for NYSED State and Federally administered adult education programs to provide the maximum allowable flexibility in providing continuity of learning and student engagement for adult education programs. The major priority is to provide flexibility for and support for online learning now that face-to-face classes have become unavailable across the State. We will provide additional webinars for Employment Preparation Education (EPE) training and Adult Literacy Education (ALE) and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) specific policies and steps in the coming weeks. - ALE PPT Webinar March 2020.pdf ISRF_English Fillable (3).pdf 6 FAST TRACK Math GRASP Packet Student Documentation Fillable-2.pdf Adult Literacy Coronovirus Online Learning Planning Tool March 2020 (3).xlsx DL Attendance Record March 2020 - Fillable (1).pdf



COVID-19 Case Management Guidance Webinar (April 23, 2020)

For All NYSED funded adult education programs WIOA, ALE and EPE

Now more than ever, our adult learners need support and referrals from our case managers.  NYSED has provided a training webinar specifically designed for case managers from any funded program (ALE, EPE, WIOA, including Literacy Zones).  In some cases, these could be teachers that serve a dual role so they may have already attended the Distance Education training NYSED hosted over the past three weeks, this Case Manager training will be very different so they will need to attend if they serve as case managers in any capacity.  


NYSED requires that any case manager being paid under ALE, WIOA, or EPE  MUST have attend ONE of these two NYSED Case Management trainings.  NYSED also asked that all program managers/directors attend one of the two sessions so they are aware of what NYSED is requesting case managers to be doing during COVID-19 Temporary Guidance. Management COVID-19 Webinar April 23, 2020.pdf EPE COVID Case Management Tracker April 2020.pdf WIOA_ALE COVID Case Management Tracker April 2020.pdf Manager Chat Questions from training webinars COVID-19 April 23 2020 Final.pdf WIOA_ALE Synchronous Meeting Attendance Record April 2020 Revised May 2020.pdf

NYSED Response

CHAT Questions submitted on June 9, 2020 during the NYS Statewide Program Managers Web Meeting:                                                                                                                          Managers Statewide Meeting June 9 2020 Chat Questions Responded.pdf

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